Company Questionnaire

Do you have a market for Walker Mowers?:

Here are just some important customer groups using Walker Mowers around the world:

  • Commercial Contractors

  • Landscapers

  • Industrial properties

  • Resorts

  • Government Agencies & Municipalities

  • Large commercial properties

  • Private customers

Landscaping contractors are a very big customer group. 30% + faster than the competition and a high reliability product makes Walker the perfect tool to earn money on a beautiful job.

Are you the right partner?

We have only few requirements to a potential partner. Honesty and transparency is a key feature we demand. We are not looking to become just a small part of a huge sales program. If you see the potential of our products in your market and you are ready to dedicate the resourses to build up that market over years, you are the right company. We understand that each market is different and have the patiance to reach a long term goal we are setting together.

We believe in long term partnership. Together in good an bad times.

Ready to get serious? Let us get to know you better: