General information about the company

Walker Mfg Company is very different than most other manufacturers. We are like family and work on high ethical standards with focus on people. The company is owned by the 2nd and 3rd generation of the Walker Family. We are financially completely independent (no banks or outside investors). This gives us the freedom to do what we think is right. Frequently, we are invited to discuss a possible take over by the “big guys”. Actually, there is no big company in our industry who did not make an offer to buy us. It is very important for our partners to know, that Walker Manufacturing will always remain independent.

Our philosophy: Protect the investment of our partners and customers

For end users we provide a high quality product. We make sure our local partners are competent to offer quick and good service. Parts are available within 48 hours from the USA and older machines can always be updated to the latest technical development.


We are aware that it takes time and effort to build up a market. Our distributor partners know that we support them in many ways. Most important:  There is 1 market – 1 distributor – 1 product line (we only work with one distributor per market and do not have any private label agreement for our products). 

Market development and possibilities

You have probably noticed that more and more “Zero Turn Mowers” are being introduced outside the US market. In the USA, 95% of all commercial mowers are now Zero Turn. Walker Mowers has more than 35 years of experience. We focused always on our design and it has been proved to be very successful. In Europe and many other export markets (New Zealand, Australia) collection of grass is very important. Of all American products, Walker is the only one with experience in good collection and zero turn. Of course, there are always some companies which try to copy our design and performance, but nobody ever reached nearly the same customer satisfaction as Walker has. In the last years, we experience a nice growth in export markets. 

You can not add Walker Mowers as "just another product line" to your portfolio

Walker Mowers requires a different marketing approach. We can proof that our products are more productive (up to 50% faster on the job than our competition), more durable (high resell value as used machine) and more fun for the operator (work easy for 8 hours a day - 300 days a year). The only way to prove this to the possible customer is by DEMO. So you should be able to obtain demos and perform them with all the know how we provide (i.e. with our outfrontadvantage sales training in the US). 

Order and delivery

Generally, Walker is adapting its yearly production to the demand (no seasonal workers). Our distributor partners make a rolling forecast (12 month). This forecast is absolutely free of any obligation and can be changed in many ways. An official order must be placed to secure shipment. There is no minimum quantity we require to order at the beginning. Our distributors buy in containers. (7 big tractors with decks fill in a 20 foot container, around 20 units – 30 units, depending on model mix, can fit into a 40 foot high cube container.)

Information Technology | Walker dealer network | Marketing

Walker Mowers is working with the latest technologies. Our distributors have online access to all internal marketing and technical information, ordering process, forecasting, reporting, bookkeeping, etc. Furthermore, our network is used for registration of machines and customers. We know where our products are sold and used and therefore can guarantee our partners the best territory protection (no grey imports).

Although we like new medias a lot, we do not accept sales of new Walker products through the internet. A Walker Mower can only be sold from a qualified and officially trained Walker Mowers partner with the know how in sales, service and support within a reasonable distance from the customer.


Every year we invite our international distributors to a 2 - 3 days meeting (most of the time in Europe).  This is very beneficial for our partners, as they are updated directly from the management and find time to exchange ideas and strategies among distributors. 


Of course there is much more to tell about our company and products. We always welcome people to visit us in Fort Collins, Colorado to get a real feeling of the people behind this great product.

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